Bottle Jack 12Ton


  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Groz Hydraulic Bottle Jack
  • LEAK PROOF AND OVERLOAD SAFETY: Worried about oil-leaks? Our premium Hydraulic Bottle Jacks are welded shut at the time of manufacturing, which ensures that there is little to no chance of experiencing an oil leak. Also, these jacks are designed not to fail at the time when an overload weight up to 50% is placed on it.
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  • STRONG YET PORTABLE: Designed with Forged Steel base, Groz’ Jacks are stable and strong as it ensures no bending and no cracking. The base is slimmer compared to a typical cast iron base which makes our jacks easily portable. Its small footprint never takes space in your vehicle.
  • LOAD LIMITING DEVICE: Groz jacks come with an advanced and unique ‘Load Limiting Device’ which ensures the jack to lift up to 15% of extra weight than the rated capacity.
  • TRUSTED WORLDWIDE: EACH and EVERY jack is individually factory tested before sending to our customers and therefore, the jacks are in accordance with ASME Safety Standards. Our jacks guarantee to lift off 12 Ton of a Weight, not just 12 Ton of a Vehicle which makes us stand out from the competition. A perfect choice to get all your lifting applications done easily and safely!


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