Get Your Home Screwdriver Set

When you start out with your tool collection, you will buy one or two standard screwdrivers. These are the slotted head screwdriver and the star-screwdriver. Most of the homes with a garage will also have a big slotted screwdriver to handle the big masonry and carpentry works.

Choose and buy screwdrivers

Different works need different screwdrivers. Once you have decided on the screwdriver you want, it is easy. To buy screwdrivers online, browse Eastman and choose the item you want. Click on the size and the number you want and then make the payment. If will take two to three days to send you the order. You save yourself plenty of trouble by going online.

If you are the type that favours automation over manual labour, you will want the power screwdriver. This works on electric power and all you have to do is plug it in. Then, place the slot on the recess of the screw and push a little. This will tighten or loosen, by depressing the lever the other way, the screw. You can get work done at a high speed and low effort. Compared to the manual labour, you can do ten times the work using the power screwdriver.

Types of Screwdrivers

First is the big daddy of screwdrivers, the slotted screwdriver. This has a long shaft on a handle at the end of which is a flattened part that ends in an edge. You can use this to remove slotted screws that screw with one or two lines on their head. If there are two lines on the head that cross each other, then we call it a star screw. You use this for precision work in gadgets and electronic devices.

In the slotted screwdriver range, you find the flared and parallel screwdrivers. The parallel screwdrivers have the edges straight. The flared screwdrivers have an angled edge so that the ends are smaller than the shaft. Then, you have the Philips and the Pozidriv screwdrivers. The Phillips screwdriver has a pointed edge shaped like a cross. You use this for star screws. The Pozidriv screwdrivers are like the Phillips screwdrivers except that they are not sharp at the end. The blunt edge makes them more efficient when screwing or unscrewing a fastening. Aside from this, you also have the Allen keys. They are hexagonal face tools that help loosen or tighten devices that have a hex slot in their heads.

Useful Ratchet Screwdrivers

The ratchet screwdriver does the work of an entire screwdriver set. If you select the bits properly, you can do all kinds of work. Also, it does not cost much. First, ensure that you have Phillips head, flathead types, and square drive head bits to cover the entire range. You see that most of the bits have two ends and different heads.

To use these ratchet screwdrivers, you insert the bit into the hole of the handle. Then, push down on the bit so that it locks in place. In many instances, you will see a magnet in place to hold the bit in place. Otherwise, you can tighten the bit into place using a holder.

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