Below we list some items that are not missing in the garages of the passionate and curious by tools:

If you are passionate about the automotive universe and you want to set up a professional workshop at home or even if you are thinking about working in this industry, we have separated some basic tips. Regardless if your workshop is at home or professional, the main thing is to have great tools. After all, your car, motorcycle or boat is worth gold to you, right? 

1 – Universal Pliers

These pliers are the most common, both for professionals in repair shops and for home use. They have various purposes and have functions like cutting and squeezing. Because of its versatility the universal pliers are the best known of all pliers on the market.

2 – Straight Nozzle Pliers

It is widely used in cutting and twisting wires and wires. Indicated for use in mechanical and electrical part. But be careful when handling electrical wires, you should use the insulated tools to protect yourself from electric shock. You can see the complete line of Gedore standalone tools at this  link .

3 – Combined Keys 

The combination keys are the most iconic of Gedore and were designed to move from father to son because they have high durability. In the manufacturing process it is inspected one by one, guaranteeing a high quality standard from the beginning to the packaging process. They are produced at Gedore Brasil since 1962. They are intended for tightening and loosening square and hexagonal nuts and bolts. A combination wrench kit includes several parts with varying sizes, simply choose from the option in millimeters or inches . See the game here .

4 – Combination wrench set with ratchet Gedore Red Release!

This game is an incredible kit because each key has a ratchet at one end. The ratchet provides high performance when it comes to tightening a screw without damaging it. In addition, you gain speed and security in the movements. Ahh and there is more, there is the option of reversible rotation system switches. That is, you do not need to release the tool while tightening or loosening screws and nuts. In the photos below you can see the reversible system better.

5 – Single Screwdrivers and Philips Kit

Two popular and well-known tools are the screwdriver and Philips. The screwdriver is characterized by the wide, flattened, rectangle tip. The ideal screws for this type of key are those with the shape of a slot, or “I” format dug. On the other hand, Philips has a thin, cone-shaped “x” shape. These are indicated for tightening or loosening cross-slotted screws, that is, those having an “X” shape. A basic kit of screwdrivers features pieces of varying sizes,  here are some mixed-gaming options

6 – Reversible ratchet – must have! | Gedore Red Release!

This tool is the hoot of any garage or workshop. Once using a ratchet, you will never want to work without it again. With incredible design and high technology, you tighten screws repeatedly without repositioning the tool at all times. Not to mention the reversible function, right and left. This model is the R6000 0027 1/2 “and there are two others that you can check in our online catalog: here !  

7 – Socket set with accessories Orios Gedore Red Release!

Both for professional use, as well as for the well-prepared amateur, the sockets are essential for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts. Each game has several sockets with corresponding assessments, appropriate to the work that will be developed. Versatility is the key word in game options, plus this kit already comes with the ratchet that is universal and you can use it either with inch or mm sockets. In the online catalog you will find other options, click here !

8 – Hexalobular L Key Kit

These switches have more snap-in and pressure resistance than the Phillips screwdriver. Its tip is shaped like a star with 6 rounded tips and is widely used in automated processes. Such a kit fits in any backpack and you may need it when you least expect it.

9 – Socket Game | Gedore Red Launch!

Socket sets are varied and the right choice will depend on your need. The cool thing is that these games are versatile and have a large number of accessories on the market. Gradually you can complete with sockets and loose accessories. They are suitable for light mechanical services, but extremely essential for your workshop. At Gedore, you’ll find ½, 3/8, 1/4, and mixed-gaming sets. This kit is the R6800 3016 1/2 “TX (HEXALOBULAR PROFILE) with 16 pieces.

10 – Cross Type Wheel Wrench

Also with the function of tightening or loosening screws, but indicated for the exchange of tires. It has four ends, each with a different measurement.

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